From The Kitchen

Dining in our facility is done with dignity and respect for each and every one of residents. We believe that our residents should be able to customize their dining needs as you would within a fine dining facility. Dining is an important part of everyone’s life and it is a time to connect with others and nourish the body and mind.


Our Director of Dietary and our Registered Dietitian understand the vast nutritional benefits of a home-cooked meal, thus all of our meals are expertly prepared within the facility. We provide our residents with a 4-week rotating menu cycle; this provides residents with a variety of foods to choose from. In addition to our regular menu cycle, we offer an extension menu, which allows residents to choose an alternative food option if they wish.


Our newly renovated dining room creates an atmosphere of eating at fine restaurant, from excellent nutritious meals, to quality linens and utensils, to friendly servers happy to help with their dining experience. We place residents with table mates that have similar interests this creates an opportunity for socialization amongst residents.

Therapeutic Recreation

At Berkshire, we encourage residents to use their cognitive and physical skills to the best of their ability, as these activities will allow residents to remain as independent as possible. Activities help residents maintain their functional abilities longer while enhancing their quality of life. Our various activities are designed to be diverse and stimulating while providing opportunities for residents to socialize and display their creativity. Participation in activities allows residents the opportunity to increase communication, enhance memory, encourage wellness, relieve pain and cope with stress.


Residents have access to both formal and informal activities. Formal activities are occasions put on by the facility like parties, craft classes, bingo, or discussion groups. Informal activities are actions on a more personal level, spending time with a friend, reading a book, or going for a walk around the hallways.


A full list of activities offered at Berkshire is located under the Activites section of this website. 

Being Outdoors

Here at Berkshire, we want our residents to have access to fresh air, sunlight and the option to be out among nature in our beautiful courtyard. There are many physical and emotional health benefits of being outside, and we at Berkshire believe that residents should be encouraged to experience the outdoors when possible.


We offer our resident’s opportunities enjoy themselves outdoors whether it is under our protected gazebo area, in our sunroom, or by taking a walk outside in the courtyard. During the spring and summer months we hold social events outside such as activities, barbeques, and parties.

The Life Style at Berkshire

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